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CNC Milling Capabilities

We can mill/drill parts with tolerances as tight as two microns

Milling is typically used to produce parts that are not axially symmetric and have many features, such as holes, slots, pockets, and even three dimensional surface contours.

  • Our CNC milling centers use a rotating cutter for quick and efficient slot cutting, planing, milling and drilling. The work tables are capable of moving in multiple dimensions around the part being machined enabling us to perform a wide range of operations with this equipment.
  • Our four axis vertical machining center has greatly increased both the capacity and the size of parts we can machine for a customer. One mill has a 40" X 20"table and a 40 taper 24 tool chamber.
  • Overall, we have 20 CNC vertical machining centers capable of handling a wide variety of sizes and capabilities. And many of our machines are equipped with dual pallet transfer systems that help us increase capacity by loading and unloading on one side of the machine while machining parts on the other side.
  • We can mill/drill part sizes from 35" X; 20" Y; 22"Z and hold tolerances as tight as two microns.
  • Some typical components we mill include manifold bodies, gear housings, machined castings, machined forgings, valve bodies, spray nozzles, hydraulic equipment parts and actuator components


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