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Rable Machine Inc, Always A Step Ahead.
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Rable is 100% Employee-Owned Machining Company

What ESOP means to you when buying precision machined components & assemblies

So what does that mean to you? It means:

  • You are working with a high performance company...research shows employee-owned companies outperform non-employee owned companies in annual sales growth, employment growth and growth in sales-per-employee.
  • We also maintain employee retention rates that far exceed industry standards, Because they are owners, they tend to stay with Rable their entire career.
  • Rable Machine is a 100% employee-owned precision machining company . This means that all our employees have the mindset of a business owner. We all understand the importance of cost, quality and performance to our customers because it is what we demand for our business. The urgency to serve our customers is unmatched. We deliver a lot more than just parts.
  • Our employees are empowered to act quickly and nimbly while staying accountable.
  • Your parts are being made in a plant with high standards and where everyone expects fellow employees to be engaged and innovative... everyday. Absenteeism, tardiness and sloppy performance is not tolerated by other employees.
  • Our shop floor doesn’t fear change and new technology...they embrace it.
  • And being a 100% employee-owned machining company, you’ll never have to worry about the company being sold to venture capitalists or industrial conglomerates who worry more about their stock price than their customers.