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Rable Machine Inc, Always A Step Ahead.
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Adding Value Is Our Sweet Spot

Lights out machining, CNC machining, robotics ...we do it all!

Over the years, Rable Machine has developed and refined a wide range of core competencies that deliver uncommon value to our customers. These core competencies include:

  • Our culture... Although technically not a core competency, our culture is a game changer. We are 100% employee owned and it shows.
  • Machining small, complex cylindrical parts in low to mid volumes is one of our key manufacturing "sweet spots" whether it's a big job or small.
  • Low volume difficult-to-manufacture components & sub-assemblies is another one of our key sweet spots. We welcome the tough stuff because we have the expertise and technology to succeed where others often fail. Tough parts in low to mid-volumes.. It is what we do... and we're really good at it.
  • Managing complex projects that involve precision machining and additional operations such as heat treating, anodizing, plating, roll threading, welding and painting. These additional operations are accomplished exclusively by Rable Certified Suppliers. To learn more about the Rable Certified Supplier Program click here.
  • CNC Turning - Our CNC turning centers are equipped with hard-wired CNC controls and tools to minimize set-up times, as well as automatic part catching and indexing capabilities. Our CNC turning machines also have magazine bar feeders with 4' bar stock length capacity to increase production efficiency. With a 10" chucking capacity, we are capable of turning parts up to 20 inches in length with ultra-tight tolerances of ± 0.0002". We have machines with dual spindles/dual turrets, internal measuring probes, automatic bar feeders and robotic automation.
  • Valves & Manifolds -Rable Machine manufacturers a wide variety of valve assemblies. We machine the manifold blocks and many of the components that make up the assemblies. Once the assemblies are completed they are tested for conformance to the specifications provided by our customers.
  • Grinding & Honing - We provide customers with centerless, thru-feed & plunge form grinding. We also provide honing up to 2.00" I.D. & 2.00" O.D. as well as surface grinding. Both our grinding and honing capabilities meets ultra-tight tolerances, down to 0.0001", allowing us to produce parts with very fine finishes and extremely accurate dimensions. Our grinding and honing machines can grind flat parts up to 12" X 10" X 12", as well as bar stock up to 3" in diameter and 24" in length.
  • Assembly - We provide a variety of contract, box-build and electro-mechanical assembly capabilities, such as "O" ring crimping and swaging, press fit, valve housing assembly, and valve spools and sleeves.
  • CNC Screw Machining - We provide both single and multi-spindle CNC screw machining. We have 20 Brown and Sharpe single-spindle CNC screw machines with up to 12' bar stock loading capacity. These machines provide a fast and cost-effective method for producing high-quality threaded parts, such as custom and standard screws, connectors, and spacers, while meeting tolerances down to 0.001". We can work with part diameters up to 2-3/8" and lengths up to 36".
  • CNC Milling & Drilling - We are well-equipped for CNC milling & drilling with full, 4-axis vertical machining centers with rotating cutters that perform quick and efficient slot cutting, planing, milling, and drilling operations. During CNC machining, our worktable can move in numerous dimensions around a part. Our CNC milling and drilling technology offers live tooling capabilities, a large, 40" X 20.1" X22" work envelope, and automatic pallet changers. We can meet tolerances as close as ± 0.0002". From one-off prototypes to high-volume, long-run production, our ISO-compliant CNC milling and drilling services will meet all your needs.
  • CNC Swiss machining - Our CNC Swiss machining technology provides live drilling and milling capabilities, and is one of the best ways to manufacture large quantities of very small, highly intricate parts. CNC Swiss turning machinery moves parts along a Z-axis while the tools remain stationary (unlike conventional turning equipment, where the part remains stationary and the tools move). Work pieces are held firmly within the machine, and are advanced through guide bushings to achieve tight fits and tolerances down to 0.0002. Our CNC Swiss turning machinery can handle stock lengths up to 12' and works with a wide range of materials up to 1.006" in diameter.