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Rable Machine Inc, Always A Step Ahead.
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Quality Assurance Plans Tailored to your products

Unlike others, we don't have to inspect quality into our products because we build quality into our processes...every step of the way.

World class quality is a journey...not a destination. It is not a department or just one person's job. It is the core foundation upon which the Rable Machine corporate culture is built and defined. Our promise to every customer is that we will build quality into each step of the process, leaving nothing to chance. We will do everything humanly possible to ensure that a bad part never leaves our plant. To make this happen, we always start with a robust APQP process specifically tailored to your project. We then dedicate the resources required to implement it. This includes:

  • Investing in state-of-the-art metrology equipment
  • Providing ongoing training
  • Establishing quality metrics
  • Conducting regular audits
  • Tracking the cost of poor quality

At Rable, we don't stop there. When you work with us, quality also means:

  • Being on time to meetings
  • Fulfilling every commitment
  • Meticulous project management
  • Following through on every detail
  • And always doing what we said we would do.

Advanced Process Management Technology
This process management system includes:

  • Ten knowledge based work stations throughout the facility
  • LEAN manufacturing cells
  • Incorporated SPC systems
  • Measuring with electronic gages
  • Automatic sample size calculations and notification
  • Alerts to dimensions starting to drift so adjustments can be made prior to "out-of-tolerance" conditions
  • Develops control limits and capability reports

Optical Automatic Smart Inspection Systems
These systems allow for exterior dimensions and interior hole sizes and locations:

  • Many parts can be programmed into the systems
  • Instant retrieval of parts dimensions
  • Alerts will show green for "accept" and red for "out-of-tolerance" conditions
  • Can instantly measure features such as diameters, distances, angle and many other features
  • Information being measured can be downloaded to the process management system for analysis and capability charting.