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Anodizing Capabilities

We provide customers with anodizing services through our Rable Certified Supplier Program

Anodization is a process that converts the metal surface into a decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant finish. This finish is 100% aluminum oxide and it is not applied to the surface like paint or plating, but is fully integrated with the underlying aluminum substrate.

As a result the coating will never chip or peel and it has a porous structure that allows for secondary processes such as coloring and sealing. Anodizing is, in essence, a matter of highly controlled oxidation--the enhancement of a naturally occurring phenomenon.

  • While we don't provide anodizing in-house, we can provide customers with the full spectrum of anodizing services through our Rable Certified Supplier Program. Services include Type I Anodizing (Chromic Acid anodization); Type II (Sulfuric Acid Anodization) and Type III (Hardcoat).
  • Because we only use Rable Certified Suppliers, we are able to provide you with single source responsibility and one stop shopping for all your anodizing needs.
  • Also keep in mind that while most anodizing involves aluminum many other nonferrous metals can also be anodized, including magnesium and titanium.

If you have a project coming up that requires or could benefit from anodizing, give us a call we'll be happy to meet with your engineering group to discuss the many options and advantages anodizing can bring to your project.


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